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Welcome to The Pear Tree Experience

Explore Learning Reimagined

From the moment you step into the Pear Tree School campus, you’ll feel a difference. It's in the air, in every classroom, and in every project our students undertake.
Happiness, energy, enthusiasm, positivity, and warmth.
At Pear Tree School, education is not just about learning; it's about growing as individuals and as part of a community. With our innovative theme-based and project-based learning models, our students are not only challenged intellectually but are also encouraged to develop their personal, social, and ethical understanding.
Experience the difference where education is interactive, the community is supportive, and students prepare to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Discover the place where your child's future takes root and grows.

A Day in the Life at Pear Tree School

Embrace a New Adventure Every Day

At Pear Tree School, no two days are alike. Each day is a new journey, filled with changing activities that adapt as our multiple themes progress throughout the term.

From hands-on projects to interactive lessons and creative expression, our students engage in a diverse array of tasks that challenge their minds and nurture their passions.

8-8.30 - Soft Start

A soft start eases students into the school day, reducing stress and fostering a calm, focused environment for learning.

8.30-9.30 - P.E.


A 1-hour P.E. session with our own P.E. teacher at Connaught Park.

9.30-10 - Theme: Canada Then


For this morning's theme session, the classroom teacher decided to use this for this term's Canada: Then theme.

The students worked on a numeracy activity related to immigration.

10 - Music


Music classes generally take place on alternate days from French classes. These classes are led by our dedicated music teacher.

12-12.30 - Lunch

All students take part in our Healthy Hot Lunch Program. Our menu for this month is, as follows:

  • Monday: Creamy potato and veggies soup with bacon and cheese
  • Tuesday: Chickpea and spinach soup with bread
  • Wednesday: Salmon curry pasta
  • Thursday: Jambalaya with rice
  • Friday: Dan Dan noodles
12.30-1.30 - Theme: Urban Farming



For our 2nd theme for this term, the students are doing Urban Farming. In today's activity, the students took part in a 6 station rotation:

  • Station 1: Comparing and contrasting organic, free range eggs with factory eggs.
  • Station 2: Comparing and contrasting hot house crops with regular ones.
  • Station 3: An article reading and analysis activity related to dairy farming in BC.
  • Station 4: Video analysis of Electric Milking
  • Station 5: Written explanation of different milk product terms.
  • Station 6: Scientific drawing of a BC-grown berry



1.30-2.30 - Theme: Canada Then


For the final theme session of the day, the classroom teacher decided to dedicate this to another session on our Canada: Then theme.

This particular activity is a critical thinking activity designed to get students using questions to provoke deep, analytical thinking and logical deductions.

2.30-3.15 - Recess


Students take a 45-minute break at Connaught Park, rain or shine.

There, they have access to the playground, as well as the sport fields.

There is a 10-minute walk there and back, which the students do every day.

3.15-3.30 - Soft End

A soft end to the day provides parents with a broader window of time to find parking, meet with other parents, and meet with teachers.

3.30-5 - Co-Curriculars

See below for further information about Life Beyond Academics

And, this is just the beginning!

This is just one day of five, and one week of eleven.

Every day and every week introduce different activities, including art, STEM, public speaking, field trips, guest speakers, and projects.

Here are some other activities in our Urban Farming theme that have already taken place since the start of the April term.

  • Urban-Farming-6
    Group brainstorming session
  • Urban-Farming-5
    Local supermarket trip
  • Urban-Farming-2
    Local urban garden trip

Alumni Testimonials

Pear Tree felt like another family to me.
I really felt like everyone in Pear Tree was just a family.
I felt free to ask, answer and share my opinions without feeling like I would be made fun of and be worried if I was wrong.

Theme-Based Learning

We have developed 100 x K-12 themes.

The following is a sample of 12 themes at a K-7 level.
Each theme begins with a 'theme launch' and will incorporate all subjects over the course of a week and term based on the specific needs of the theme.
During the term, students benefit from a variety of field trips related to the themes, as well as any relevant guest speakers and/or workshops.
The final few weeks of the term are dedicated to final projects, which are showcased in our end-of-term events.
  • Construction
  • Wetlands
  • Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds
    Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds
  • Sports Science
    Sports Science
  • Electricity
  • Young Detectives
    Young Detectives
  • Biomes
  • Canada: Now
    Canada: Now
  • Canada: Then
    Canada: Then
  • Molecular Gastronomy
    Molecular Gastronomy
  • Reptiles & Dinosaurs
    Reptiles & Dinosaurs
  • Sound & Vision
    Sound & Vision

Project-Based Learning

The final few weeks of the term are dedicated to final projects, which are showcased in our end-of-term events.
Here are some sample final projects.
  • PBL at Pear Tree School

    Sample final project at Pear Tree School

  • PBL at Pear Tree School
    Sample final project at Pear Tree School
  • PBL at Pear Tree School
    Sample final project at Pear Tree School
  • PBL at Pear Tree School
    Sample final project at Pear Tree School

Life Beyond Academics

Co-Curriculars Clubs:

As you will see from our Co-Curriculars page, students have the option of participating in one or more co-curricular activities and clubs from 3.30-5pm.

These are opportunities for our students to further explore their interests and passions, develop new skills, and build friendships.

  • Art

    Art Club

  • Basketball
  • Cross country
    Cross country
  • LightsUp Theatre
    LightsUp Theatre

Community Engagement:

As part of our 'Why' to make a positive impact on the world, our students take part in different community service projects.

  • Union Gospel Mission

    Union Gospel Mission

  • Granville Park Lodge Seniors Home
    Seniors Home Visit
  • Terry-Fox-Run
    Terry Fox Run

Student Life

Student Support Services

At Pear Tree School, we are dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment that caters to the individual needs of each student.

Our comprehensive support services include personalized learning plans, learning support, and one-on-one in-house counselling.

From academic assistance to social and emotional support, our expert team is committed to helping every student thrive and reach their full potential.

Inclusion and Diversity

Pear Tree School is a progressive, co-ed, secular, and combined grades school with a culturally and socio-economically diverse school community. We view this diversity as a strength.

Everything about our school embodies the progressive DEI values that we collectively represent.

Learn more here.

Our Facilities

Located on West Broadway in the heart of Kitsilano, the school is close to the beach, forests, parks, and local transportation.

Our custom-built facility provides a learning environment that is bright, modern, and welcoming. Classrooms are equipped with the latest in interactive SMARTboard technology, with Cisco Meraki wifi connectivity throughout. Our open concept encourages the collaboration and hands-on learning that we believe in so strongly.

In 2021, we completed a facility expansion and upgrade to the main part of our school to accommodate up to 80 students, additional classrooms, a commercial-grade kitchen, a reception area, a directors' office, a teacher’s office, non-gendered washrooms, and a separate suite for teacher meetings and storage.

For the 2024/25 school year, we launch our Middle School annex, to increase our classrooms to 9 to accommodate up to 144 students.

  • facilities

    Reception area

  • facilities3-3
    1 of 9 classrooms
  • facilities3-4
    1 of 9 classrooms
  • facilities3-5
    1 of 9 classrooms
  • facilities2
    Lockers for every student
  • facilities1
    A total of 15 washrooms

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What Parents Say About Us

Pear Tree School is a forefront leader in childhood education.
Vanja Ryan
“Pear Tree School provides an environment where children are welcomed and supported.”
Katherine Corden
Pear Tree School is what 21st century education should be.
Ivy Dreger
Pear Tree School fosters children's love for learning and helps them grow as confident, responsible and kind people.
Irina Mackay
Pear Tree students are learning to think deeply and critically about the big issues of our day.”
Kate Chase
Pear Tree's project-based learning approach is practical and impactful.
Zahra Hudani

School Location

Pear Tree School
Suite 215 - 2678 West Broadway
Vancouver BC V6K 2G3